Martı Pension Milas Ören

Oren Historical Sites

Oren Historical Sites

Founded on the Aegean coast of the ancient city of Keramos, Milas is the oldest settlement ruins. Oren Milas, Keramos is founded on.

The ancient city, which attracts attention with a solid residue. The city's Temple of Zeus, fountain building, kurşunlug structure, the Roman Temple, tombs and monuments are among the ruins until today. The city's history is up to the year 3000.

Caria, which was the name of the Greek Keramos period means pottery. It took its name changed into Gereme time. (Evliya Çelebi visited the one in the 7th century Geremia "Built, Abadan, vineyards and gardens Safi" is defined as a village.) Is referred to as a period in Kemerdere it comes from the ancient aqueduct on the Kocaçay valley. Bel took the name of which means ruin ruins today.

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